Magnetic Resonance Imaging Processing

  • Noise estimation techniques for MR data [Matlab Exchange][Matlab]: Main methods to estimate noise out of MR data from different authors. All methods are compared in

    S. Aja-Fernández, A. Tristán-Vega, C. Alberola-López, Noise estimation in single- and multiple-coil magnetic resonance data based on statistical models, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Volume 27, Issue 10, Pages 1397-1409.

  • Simulator of noisy parallel acquisition MR data (GRAPPA and SENSE included) [Matlab Exchange][Matlab].
  • LMMSE filter for Rician MRI data [Slicer Module][Matlab][Matlab Exchange], as described in

    S Aja-Fernández, M. Niethammer, M. Kubicki, M. E. Shenton, C.F. Westin, "Restoration of DWI data using a Rician LMMSE estimator". IEEE Tr. on Medical Imag. Vol. 27, No. 10, Oct. 2008, pp. 1389-1403.

  • Efficient and Robust Nonlocal Means for MRI denoising [ITK][Slicer Module][Matlab], as defined in

    A. Tristán-Vega, V. García-Pérez, S. Aja-Fernández, Efficient and Robust Nonlocal Means Denoising of MR Data Based on Salient Features Matching, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine. Volume 105, Issue 2, February 2012, Pages 131–144