Awards and recognition

The LPI has received the Magna Cum Laude Award in Biotechnology by the Spanish Society of Radiologist in Medicine (SERAM) for the electronic communication "Obtención de la señal de sincronismo cardiaco a partir de los datos del k-espacio en IRM cine cardiaca". This communication was presented in the 34th Conference of the SERAM, which took place between May 24th and May 27th 2018 in Pamplona (Spain).

Abstract: MRI is considered de gold standard for the imaging of cardiac function and anatomy. In regular cardiac MRI, an external ECG monitor is required in order to synchronize the data acquisition with the motion of the herart. However, this additional hardware increases the examination, preparation and acquisition times. The aim of this proposal is to avoid the necessity of this additional hardware in cardiac MRI examinations by developing an automatic method to recover the cardiac cycle information directly from the MRI data in both breath-hold and free-breathing situations. Some different scenarios have been considered and some methods have been proposed with good performances, obtaining errors between 1-8%.

Creation Date: 
01 Jun 2018