LPI in #HiloTesis competition

PhD Students Elisa Moya-Sáez and Álvaro Planchuelo-Gómez took part in the I Edition of the "#HiloTesis" competition. The objective of this competition is to expose a summary of the doctoral thesis through a Twitter thread in 20 or less tweets using a clear and atractive language for the general audience.

Elisa's thread is focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence to generate MRI data in order to reduce the acquisition time. Álvaro's thread is focused on the analysis of MRI data from diverse modalities to characterize the structural properties of the brain of patients with migraine. The threads in Spanish are available in the following links:

Elisa: https://twitter.com/emoysae/status/1384923913134690304?s=20

Álvaro: https://twitter.com/aplanchu/status/1385498296559489024?s=20

Creation Date: 
29 Apr 2021