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Block diagram of pursued algorithm

Project title:

Cine isotropic magnetic resonance: 100% efficiency by compressive sampling and joint estimation of cardiac-respiratory motions. Synergistic effects of motion compensation in multicontrast abdominal diffusion reconstruction and analysis of robustness of diffusion models parameter estimation.

Proposal objectives:

The project in which the postdoc will be enrolled pursues a two fold objective, both in the field MRI efficient reconstruction, namely:

To achieve 100% efficiency in scanning time by carrying out 3D acquisitions in free breathing and no ECG syncronization. Double binning will be carried out and groupwise registration procedures will be tested for image compensation.

The techniques to de developed for the cardiac case will be applied to mutislice multicontrast acquisition of isotropic diffusion in the liver; robustness of parameter estimation procedures with our reconstruction algorithms will be analyzed.

We pursue to achieve a synergistic effect of the former objective on the latter.

The analysis will be first carried out on phantoms built with the XCAT tool and then tested on real acquisitions.


Candidates are expected to have a background on MRI acquistion, reconstruction, motion estimation and compensation and registration algorithms. A background on optimization is also desirable. As for programming tools, experience on Matlab, C++ (vtk and/or itk) and GPU programming will be valued.

Salary range and contract duration

The contract is expected to begin on October 1st and will last for 21 months. Salary in the first nine months will be about 20k€ and on the second year about 26k€. The contract includes health coverage by the National Health System.

In order for the contract to start on October 1st, applications should be received by July 15th.

Continuation possibilities

Upon successful contract completion the LPI will back up the candidate in applying to either European (MSCA programs) or national (Juan de la Cierva, Ramón y Cajal) postdoctoral programs.



Carlos Alberola-López


Creation Date: 
21 Jun 2016