PhD Thesis Defense

[27 Jul 2023]

On July 3rd, 2023, Dr. Elena Martín-González defended her PhD thesis entitled "Técnicas de paralelización y aprendizaje profundo para el registro y la reconstrucción de imágenes dinámicas de resonancia magnética cardiaca". Elena passed her PhD with flying colors. We wish you all the best, Elena!

Download a book with our work on dMRI

[23 May 2023]

"Advanced Diffusion Measures from Reduced dMRI Acquisitions" is a comprehensive book that gathers the main works of the group about techniques and methodologies for extracting advanced diffusion metrics from reduced diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) acquisitions. This book provides a valuable resource for scientists, researchers, and practitioners in the field of medical imaging and neuroscience. Free download [here].

LPI is organizing the Annual meeting of ISMRM Iberian Chapter

[17 Apr 2023]

We are organizing the next ISMRM Iberian Chapter Meeting in Valladolid next July 2023 (3 to 5). The meeting include oral and poster sessions where Chapter members will have the opportunity to present their work. As in the previous years, there will be awards for the best oral and poster presentations. The conference programme will also include time to explore this wonderful city and to network at our social events.

More information available at the conference web page:

Among the most downloaded papers

[17 Apr 2023]

The paper entitled "Accurate free-water estimation in white matter from fast diffusion MRI acquisitions using the spherical means technique, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Vol. 87 (2), Feb 2022" by LPI members Antonio Tristán-Vega, Guillem París, Rodrigo de Luis-García and Santiago Aja-Fernández is officially among the most downloaded papers from magnetic Resonance in Medicine. Method is available as a part of the DMRI-Lab Toolbox for Matlab.

The Minister of Education and Science of Poland awarded the LPI member

[11 Nov 2022]

The Minister of Education and Science of Poland, Prof. Przemysław Czarnek, honoured the LPI member Dr Tomasz Pieciak with a departmental distinction for "outstanding contribution to education and upbringing". This award summarises ten years of remarkable assistance to his students and apprentices, including exceptional theses written under his supervision, national and international achievements and popularizing science among young people.

A new preprint on the free-water volume fraction across the adult lifespan

[11 Oct 2022]

The free-water volume fraction has recently gained tremendous interest in research and clinical communities as it brings information about the cerebrospinal and interstitial fluids in the extracellular space of the white matter of the brain and thus correlates with cognitive performance and various neuropathological processes.

Researchers of LPI create 'synthetic' images that could improve the diagnosis of malignant brain tumours

[13 Jun 2022]

Artificial Intelligence has enabled two pre-doctoral researchers at the University of Valladolid, Rafael Navarro and Elisa Moya, to generate synthetic images that can be used in combination with those adquired in an MRI scaner in a radiomic system for survival prediction of patients with glioblastoma.