Toma de posesión protocolaria

[08 Oct 2018]

El pasado 4 de octubre de 2019, en el Paraninfo de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Valladolid, tuvo lugar la toma de posesión protocolaria del Personal Docente e Investigador que ha cambiado de Cuerpo o Escala, entre ellos dos miembros del LPI: Pablo Casaseca (Profesor Titular de Universidad) y Santiago Aja (Catedrático de Universidad).

New Scalar diffusion-MRI measures proposed by the group

[07 Sep 2018]

An article entitled "Scalar diffusion-MRI measures invariant to acquisition parameters: A first step towards imaging biomarkers" has recently been published in the Magnetic Resonance Imaging journal (Elsevier). In that work, we propose a new set of quantitative measures based on diffusion magnetic resonance imaging from single-shell acquisitions that are designed to be robust to the variations of several acquisition parameters (number of gradient directions, b-value and SNR) while keeping a high discrimination power on differences in the diffusion characteristics of the tissue.

Project led by LPI member receives an Innovation Award in the UK

[04 Jun 2018]

The project "Low-pixel Automatic Target Detection and Recognition" led by Dr. Pablo Casaseca at University of the West of Scotland with multinational electrical systems group, Thales UK and CENSIS received a Special Commendation Award at the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards 2018 . This collaboration saw the development of unique technology, enabling automatic detection of humans and vehicles from up to 1500m using thermal imaging.

Awards and recognition

[01 Jun 2018]

The LPI has received the Magna Cum Laude Award in Biotechnology by the Spanish Society of Radiologist in Medicine (SERAM) for the electornic communication "Obtención de la señal de sincronismo cardiaco a partir de los datos del k-espacio en IRM cine cardiaca". This communication was presented in the 34th Conference of the SERAM, which took place between May 24th and May 27th 2018 in Pamplona (Spain).

LPI at SERAM'2018

[31 May 2018]

The LPI was at the conference of the Spanish Society for Medical Radiology (SERAM), held in Pamplona between May 24th and May 27th, 2018. Several contributions and invited talks were presented.